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My husband was talking with a dealer yesterday and he mentioned that starting Jan. 2013 both UPS and FEDEX are doing away with ORM-D labels. He said that cartridges would have to be shipped using a HAZ. MAT. label putting the cost at about 25 to 35 dollars per box. Does anyone know anything about this?
Thank You Carolyn

That’s incorrect. There is a new black and white label, the “ORMD Small Arms Cartridges” designation will not be used anymore, but cartridges are not HazMat and there is no HazMat fee. The shipping price (ground service only) should not be any different. Unfortunately, many of us have found that UPS/Fedex counter people don’t know their own rules.

What jonnyc said. The change has been in the works for two years and yet some UPS hubs have still not heard about it. So, come Jan 1, be prepared for a lot of confusion. Here’s what the new sticker looks like. It probably won’t hurt to start using them now in order for your local guys to get used to them.

We don’t have a genuine UPS post in my town, so we have to rely on a local ‘do-all shipping emporium’. They have rules that do not allow them to ship many items normally handled by UPS, such as firearms. If I took a small box to them and said there was a single collector cartridge in it, they would go into a tizzy.

I’ve been told by others, in a case like yours you should open an on-line UPS account. You print your own labels, pay with a CC, and then simply call the UPS phone number and ask for a pickup. It sounds like an easy way to go but it’s probably too good to be true. Supposed to be cheaper too.


I have a UPS account…you sign up online and it’s easy…same prices for shipping as going to a UPS counter, and yes, the local “hardware store” shipping points are not really UPS and many will not allow cartridges. BUT…do not call for a UPS pick-up…it’s an extra $11 per package…after you attach your label, drop the package off at a place in your locale that has a regular UPS pick-up…


A big advantage of printing your labels online is that even with the the cartridges for small arms label it can just be given to a driver. They are required to take it.

You don’t have to go into a store.

Out here most stores won’t take them due to insurance they buy for the store which doesn’t cover ORM D packages. At least that was the story we were given.

You can also drop off a a UPS hub, but just give to a driver. Piece Of Cake.

Creating a shipment using an online account is the only way to go. I usually drop my ORM-D marked boxes at “Staples”. I could put an ORM-D sticker on each side of the box and I doubt they would look twice at it. As long as I tell that it is “pre-paid”, they could care less what is in it or how it is marked…


anyone, (or is it the UPS on line site) have that image to print off (that “shape”) so I could have some to adhere to my boxes.

(I still can’t believe the amount of stuff…and the type of “stuff” people mail regular mail USPS !!)

Try this…