UPS placed on "restriction" in UK


Very vague at the moment but UPS have been placed on “restriction” regarding their self screening of shipments into the UK.
All very unclear and UK authorities are not being specific because of “security issues” but its more or less a shutdown

I don’t think there will be many serious members of this forum that can’t read between the lines enough to realise what is going on.

Several terrorist risks have got through their hubs in UK and nobody is saying more. This sort of thing will result in a massive over correction to protect their commercial interest and although the issue is in the UK you can expect it to go world wide.

So in future it is not unreasonable to expect anything with a description in any way relating to ammo, cartridges etc to be rejected by UPS in the future.

Time will tell but if I was the CEO with a multi billion $/ £ world wide business to protect I know what my instruction would be.

Another nail in our coffin?


I don’t think this “security” in parcel srvices is as good as they would have you believe. There was a case in the news a while ago where someone in the UK ordered several pistols from an American website and they arrived here at his home address with no problem.


Wasn’t the man ordering pistol parts to re activate de-acts but the story hit the networks and was reported big time. I don’t know if it was UPS but this story appears to involve shipments from the middle east. However bad news sticks and innocent and totally legal shipments that we make internationally are liable to be caught up in the mess.


They would lose TONS of business (pun intended) here in the US if they no longer shipped ammunition. Can’t see any CEO or CFO making that call lightly…



Obviously internal shipments are one thing, international shipments are quite a different set of risks.


The story is still vague but reports are that UPs are to be prevented from shipping into the UK hub on passenger flights. This is a big deal because most of their traffic comes in on consolidated freight on such flights pending “review” what ever that means. UPS are probably the second biggest after DHL so it is a big deal for this hobby. A lot of shipments come into the UK hub for redirection into Europe

For dealers selling to UK customers or collectors (and possibly European) I would anticipate anything like inert or deactivated ammo or munitions will be rejected so don’t be suprised if they are.