UPS shipping label change reminder

*** Edit - please disregard the 2014 date and see the discussion that follows below. UPS has extended the deadline for label changeover***

I’m sure there will be plenty of confusion, and some UPS hubs that don’t ask or don’t care, but 2014 is supposedly the year in which they are switching over from accepting ammunition shipments with the rectangular ORM-D label (either written or by sticker), and are now expecting people to use the black & white diamond symbol for ammo shipments. It doesn’t have to say ammunition or cartridges, and it looks like this:

Some of the larger online retailers had already switched over to using these in 2013 to get ahead of the deadline. I was also told by my local UPS hub worker that they are now wanting people to write the caliber of cartridges with the contents description when you are typing up the UPS address label, or having the worker type it up for you. This makes it sort of difficult when one is shipping several different caliber cartridges, and so in this case I have just been entering whatever the majority of the cartridges are, or whatever they are all closest to in caliber size on average for the lot.

My local UPS hub started accepting that symbol about 6 months ago. Unfortunately they still insist on writing Small Arms Ammo on the box.

UPS Hazmat says, and I just called to verify…
Either the “new” black diamond OR the typical blue ORM-D label can be used until Dec. 31, 2020…


[quote=“30army”]UPS Hazmat says, and I just called to verify…
Either the “new” black diamond OR the typical blue ORM-D label can be used until Dec. 31, 2020…[/quote]
Hmm, that’s news to me, since on their website it used to reference 2014 as the year of changeover, and the woman at my local hub seemed to think this was the case as well when I asked her last month. But, I just checked the UPS website and it does now say 2020 at this link:

I also found it interesting that they specify that cartridges may not exceed .50 cal, and shotshells may not exceed (be numerically lower than) 8ga. I’m sure several of us have shipped a Russian 14.5 or British .55 Boys once or twice though - oh well.

Matt - I think the “over .50” began in California, when the State outlawed ammunition about that caliber. It is qa confusing law, so please don’t ask me about things like .600 Nitro Express, etc. I don’t know if it is just military armmo or not, but judging from the total ignorance and outright stupidity of most elected Government Legislators, at every level of Government, I suspect that California does not exempt sporting ammunition.

I have been asked every time I send a package if there is anything “.50 caliber or over” for about the last two or three years. I have been trying to educate the very nice ladies at the UPS office here, and I am not being sarcastic. They are a great crew and extremely helpful. But, they keep asking about “.50 and over” when I am sure the right question is “over .50 caliber.” There is, of course, a huge difference in the two, especially for the cartridge collector. Even though .50BMG Caliber rifles are now illegal in California, it is not illegal to possess .50BMG cartridges. Makes sense? Well, remember, making sense is never any kind of priority with Government.

This entire label changeover began quite a few years ago. The implementation date has been pushed forward and back so many times that I don’t think anyone really knows for sure what they are supposed to do. That includes the shippers (UPS and FedEx). So, the best thing to do is have a supply of both labels, and a black magic marker, and do whatever your local shipping office says to do.