Určení nabojnice

Ahoj přátelé,
Prosím o pomoc s určením náboje, dekuju IMG_20190823_195608|690x920

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Anglicki 18 pounder (circa 75mm)
Zbrovje ALCO (American Locomotive Company) 6/1916
CF= Cordite ( Nc+Ng) Filled. (Anglicki)
Primer made 8/16, fitted 12/16
U^ Union of South Africa Forces.

WWI use.

Doc AV
Mluve Czechi <>

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How is South Africa involved? Did it travel from US to Britain and then to South Africa?

Could have been issued to SAf. WWI Forces in Europe or Middle east, could have been sent to SA in Interwar period, or used in North Africa WWII.
Artillery shell cases were the ultimate " reloadables".

18 pounders lasted in service till at least 1945, by then supplanted by 25 pdr ( British “88”).

Doc AV

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The 18 Pounder projectile is around 84mm Diameter.