Uruguayan dug unit ID help

Hi all

I have come across with this unit that was found dug in the Uruguayan coast, in an area in which several ships were disembarked and in some occasion a battles took place. It looks like a 455 revolver cartridge but I can not find information of this headstamp. Manufacturer? Year? More info will be greatly appreciated.


Greenwood & Batley, a British ammunition maker. “I” indicates “Mark I.” A .303 British caliber cartridge, Mark II, exists with the same exact headstamp except for “II” instead of “I”.

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Looks like a .455" Webley MkI. Same hs is shown in “Notes on .455” by Harris.

That’s actually a pretty scarce headstamp. Good find!

Any idea of year of manufacture?

Thanks in advance

Daniel: Date of manufacture of this cartridge case is likely after 1890 and before 1910. It’s an interesting find, and I wish I could pin it down more closely than I have. Jack