US 2012 elections represented in ammo industrial art

I finally found my forte, I am an ammo industrial artiste, yes, Sir!!!
This is the 1st public viewing of my 1st master piece. I call it “US 2012 Elections”. The round (headstamp BBC 1941 20mm) represents the U.S.A. and the screw represents the outcome of this very important election. I hope, as the next 4 years unfold, I’ll be able to express myself in larger calibres such as tank cartridges, ICBM’s and beyond.

love it

I interpret that art in a different way.

The case is the law abiding Australian shooter/collector…

Vlad, I’ll be your first critic. Your piece shows understanding of the issues involved, but to get the full breadth of emotions and the social dynamics that come in to play, you should have used a MUCH bigger screw ;-) Cheers, Bruce.

OK, I confess. I am a fraud (surprised?). I did not make this. I got this freebee at a gun show. Some idiot took a perfectly good item, screwed with it, put it into a lamp or something and then disassembled it (surprised?). I just can’t remove the nut inside, sometimes undoing someone’s wrong is very very difficult (surprised?). But I fooled enough of you to earn temporary accolades (I am great!!!) and that’s my legacy (surprised?).

Is the screw tight or loose in the hole drilled in the case?

If the screw is loose, just cut through the threaded part with a junior hacksaw and it should drop out.

If it is tight, find someone with a 1/4" drive socket set with a 6" Extension bar. This would make undoing the nut easier.

Even if it is tight, you could cut through the screw and tap it out with a hammer and pin punch. If you don’t have a set of pin punches, a bolt or similar would work.

If I lived closer to you I would do a restoration on that case. It would probably be around 1hr work to remove the screw, resize the neck and make a dummy primer cap. Just find a projectile and it would be a good addition to the collection made from someone elses junk.

I sense a business opportunity in “Falcon’s munitions & artilleria restorations”.

Falcon, if I see you at SLICS, I’ll give this round to you.

Vlad, Got your allusion to the illusion. Cool.

Will you be going to the 2013 show?