US 25 round pistol boxes-Export before WWII

I have seen 25 round boxes made for export before WWII by both Remington and Winchester. Perhaps they were made by other US manufacturers but I have not seen them.

Below is a 9mm Browning Long 25 round box by Remington. I think it loaded in 1933.


I have seen a black & white drawing of a 9mm Luger 25 round box by Winchester, and I have been told that a Remington 25 round 9mm Luger box exists, probably much like the box above, but I have never seen it or a photo of it.

Does anyone have documentation on 25 round 9mm Luger boxes by US companies from before WWII?

Who all made these 25 round US export boxes and in what calibers???


Here are two other 9mmBL boxes but I think the right one is the same as you show.
No US 9mm Luger though.

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I have the same 9 mm Browning Long boxes that Pete pictures,
except that mine that is like shown on the left does not have the
“OIL PROOF” overstamp.

I have a 25-round Remington-UMC box for the 7.65 mm Browning
“.32 Auto Colt” cartridge, also about the same as the 9 mm BL
box Pete shows on the left. While the main caliber entry at the
top uses the metric designation (the inch designation is under
it in much smaller print), the cartridges have the .32 ACP caliber
designation on the headstamp, not the export version marked
“7.65 mm.”

I am sure I have seen a photo of a similar Rem-UMC 25-rounder
in 6.35 mm as well, but I don’t have it in my own collection.

I don’t know why, but the 9 mm Browning Long boxes seem to be
the most common, perhaps because at the time, virtually the entire
market for this cartridge was overseas. I have the lid only from a
U.S.C.Co. 25-round 9 mm Browning Long Box as well, so Remington
was not the only one to make these. I suspect all of any caliber in
the early 25-round boxes were for export, not for domestic sale. Of
course in current times, 25-rund boxes in 9 mm Para and other calibers,
from American makers, are common.

John Moss

Pete and John,
What are to date codes on the back of your boxes? It would be interesting to date them.

Too bad the USCCO box isn’t complete. The code on it would be interesting also. I have not previously heard of a 25 round USCCO box.

Any more 25 round boxes would be interesting!!!


Lew - as you assumed, the date code, if it had any, on the
USCCo box is not present. I have only the top label and
the two side labels attached to it.

Between fading and having be stamped on top of the back
label printing, I cannot read the code on the 7.65 Browning
box and on one of the 9 mm Long boxes.

The other 9 mm Long box has the code: G2IBAN

The letters and number(s) are of the serif type. I don’t know if
the 3rd entry is a one, or the capitol letter version of the letter “i.”


Here is a 6.35 box. code on looks like “H2D D1”

Oilproof 9MM BL is “09 P B” & right one is “F28XDU” from what I can make out.

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Thanks John & Pete, I’ll post the dates in a bit.

others with these boxes, please post them along with the date codes! An interesting subject.


Here are the dates:

9mm BL
F28XD = Dec 1914
09PB = Jan 1923
G21BAN = Early 1933

H2DD1 = Late 1933

Pretty wide spread of Remington production!