US 30 06 wound ballistic rounds

This is a special 30 06 round made for US wound ballistic test. I wonder if somebody has some closer informations. A wooden sabbot holds an steel ball. These balls where used in two different sizes.
The idea was to break down human size to small animals like cats and dogs and reduce the ammo in the same way. Then the test animals get test shots.
The steel balls shouldt also copy steel fragments from shells.
Any idea?
Here is the very interesting site with lots of information handling leathality, enemy weapons and shell fragmentation ect…
The very cruel site of ammunition. … efault.htm


I would caution people opening the site, and clicking on the various topics on the site linked by Genkideskan, to be aware that some of the photographs are very, very graphic and cover some pretty horrible wounds. It is an interesting and informative,technical and scientific site for those o.k. with viewing this type of material, but I would urge that it not be opened when little eyes (your children) are looking over your shoulder. Some younger people, or people sensitive to this type of material, might find it too much to look at in some instances.

Wound ballistics is a subject that is, regardless, an important part of the overall study of ammunition (“ammunition is what ammunition does”) and I cannot fault Genkideskan for providing information about the existence of this site. It is up to each person to decide whether to examine the site or not.

Wow! I am just happy that is not my job to study that. The photos were way to extreme for me. I think John’s warning should be taken very seriously, especially if children are present. Very comprehensive site for those interested in this field. Ammunition definitely does what ammunition does! No doubt!

As Eddie Murphy says, “I’ll Take The F”, and pass.