US .30 Carbine orange tip tracer M27


What would a orange-coloured tip on 7.62x33 LC 52 round signify?


Funny, I am answering myself. I found it, it is a tracer, orange tip, here is a link to somebody’s photo. … /hitech/30


Vlad–The orange tip on .30 Carbine for U.S. made cartridges is Tracer, Dim, M27. The .30 Carbine tacer with a red or dark red tip is Tracer, M16.


I just checked ARMY manual. It lists only 1 tracer, the orange-tipped one(M27). Can you tell me more about the red-tipped .30 Carbine tracer M16?


Vlad–The M16 Tracer with a red tip was developed starting in August of 1943 by Remington Arms Co. In September, 1943 it was given the official name of “Cartridge, Tracer, Cal. .30, T24” Bullet weight is 107 grs., length 0.880 inchs. On 27 January, 1944, it was standardized as the M16. Because the bright red trace gave away the shooters position and also when fired at night it caused vision problems due to its brightness, a new Dim-Bright tracer was developed. On 29 July, 1944 the “Cartridge, Tracer, Carbine, Cal. .30, T43” with a 101 gr. bullet and orange tip went into production. It had a dim trace for 75 yards and then a bright trace out to 600 yards. This round was standardized on 2 May 1946 as the M27.


Was M27 orange-tipped tracer producing a red or orange tracing light?


The trace is red. The tracer compound used was 5.25 grs. of red tracer mixture R-256, 1.0 grs. of Sub-Igniter I-276 and 0.25 grs. of Igniter I-210.