US 37x85 mm

I was given a 37-85 round that is engraved with the initials ACL and Bat A 347 FA. I am assuming this is Battalion A 347th Field Artillery. The round is in very good shape with no pitting. Could anyone refer me to any type of reference material to learn more about this unit or theatre of combat? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I ran a search on “347th Field Artillery” and a quick skim of the links I found indicates they were part of or attached to the 91st Div. in Italy, were in operation with 2nd Infantry in Korea and were still around in 1981. I used the Dogpile search engine which compiles results from multiple other engines - yahoo, google, ask, msn, etc. The date on the shell would likely would provide an indication of the era to which it dates. Somehow in the back of my head, I think the 91st was active in WW I also (?) and the 347th might go back with it, especially given the 37mm shell as they are shown as (probably) using 105mm in WW2.


The 91st Division was active in WWI and WWII. I do not know about Korea. By 1956, they were a Reserve Infantry Division with headsquarters at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, and with units all over northern and central California. By the time I returned to the Division after a stint in the Regular Army, they had become a Training Division (cadre) but were still in the same place. I cannot speak for them in recent years, as I left all connection with the Army in 1963. The shoulder patch was a Pine Tree, with the patch in the right shape. Later, the patch became a pine tree in a colored circle, but that is after I left and I don’t recall the colors. Heck, it ain’t cartridge talk, anyway.

I was at a summer camp during my service in the Active Reserve, at Camp Roberts California, and we heard that the California National Guard had fired the last 37mm round in the Army inventory. I don’t know if that was true, and I don’t know what the designation of the round was - I assume there is more than one case-type of U.S. 37mm. I know nothing of these things. We are not allowed to even think of them in California. Blank ammunition in what I am pretty sure was 37mm was being fired at the Parade Ground, for the evening retreat ceremony, as well as for special occasion multi-round salutes (21 gun, etc.) at the Presidio of San Francisco, almost to the time the Presidio was shut down and became part of the National Park System (maybe used right up until it was shut down as a military post). Haven’t been over to the Parade ground in a long time, but one of the guns was still there at least for awhile after the Army left, as I recall.

The 37-85 is a WW1 shell.

I don’t know how much information you want, but if you go to this site you can request information. It is the U.S. Army Military History Division. I used to to get over 500 pages of history on the 214th AAA which my Father was in during WW-II. I got a complete history of the units designation with dates, etc. as well as copies of all movement orders and after battle reports from each firing order, etc. for the entire war. … E_Form.pdf