Us 37x92r

  • My black and white picture from below [it will be posted soon] shows the impressed headstamp markings for an US made 37X92R brass case: “AM LOT 1075-42B” over “37mm GUN”, “MODEL OF-1916”, flaming bomb stamp over “LOT 1075-108 P.E.M.Co.” over the letter “W” in a circle. The percussion primer screw is marked: “W.C.” and “1075-41”. — QUESTIONS: 1] Which US shell case maker used the mark “P.E.M.Co.”??? 2] Which US manufacturer made the percussion primer stamped “W.C.”??? 3] Is my 37X92R brass shell case made in 1941 or 1942??? 4] Was this 37X92R round used as a sub-caliber device??? Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 12/31/06


Here is a black’n’white shot from Liviu.


I have one of these also, was told it was made by MADE BY POOLE ENGINEERING,BALTIMORE MD.

  • Yes, it seems to be true that the headstamp mark “P.E.M. Co.” stands for “Poole Engineering & Machine Co.” but I had no idea about the location from Baltimore [MD]. Liviu 02/01/07