US .50 BMG link manufacturers

I just came across this site and found it very interesting as there is very little information on link manufacturers available.

Maybe it is of use to somebody.

That’s really interesting, especially to see that there were so many link manufacturers operating during WWII (but of course there were over 2 million M2s used during WWII). And how many link manufacturers are there now in the US? I know of only one - ATK at Lake City AAP.

Ron Fuchs 50 BMG book also has a list of links, both the old & new
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That is a very good way to show the variations in markings. The one little nit-pick that I have is with the link marked SD B II. SD is the maker, probably UK but unknown to me, not British Pens who stamped BP. The B II is not a die number but the model of link; Browning Mark II. This link was designed in the UK during the second world war when it was found that the centre loop of the U.S. supplied links stretched open during high G-force manoeuvres in fighter aircraft. This opening of the loop caused the belt to stretch and the inter-cartridge pitch to increase with frequent mid-air jams of the guns. The Patent application for this improved design of link was submitted in October 1941.

SD is also found stamped on .303" Browning Mark II links which are of a different design to the .50" calibre ones.