US .50 cal. M2 link manufacturer id


Here is what looks a standard WW2 US .50 cal. M2 link box but with the manufacturer code J.L.

However, I could not find in the US Ordnance reports any WW2 manufacturer with that code.

The marking on the links themselves is “L” followed with various figures which probably account for the die number as was standard practice in WW2 for US manufacturers.

Does anyone have any idea to identify the manufacturer ? Ever seen the marking “L” on other links or clips ? Not even sure if WW2 nor uS production.

Any help would be most appreciated,



I have finally found myself the answer to that question…

It is definitively a US WW2 production.

The marking L followed by a numerals indicating die is identified in a Nov. 1942 US Ordnance list showing belt links manufacturers identification marks. It is identified as “Serrick Corp., ACME-LEES Division”.

Serrick Corp. operated the John Lees division and the Acme Machine Products at Muncie, Indiana.

The box marking J.L. stands for John Lees.