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I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I found several cases head stamped 1943 that measures the same as the 50bmg except the inside neck measured .608. These cases were found many decades ago in an EOD dumpster on a military base. Could this also be a .60bmg? Just wondering and like my name…lost.[/b]

Any ideas for the gentleman?


Two quick off-the-cuff options:

  1. 16mm Vega - if the rim has been turned down a bit.

  2. There was an experimental 15mm spotter based on the .50 case. It was postwar (mine is headstamped 1960) but some use might have been made of older cases.


I don’t know, and couldn’t guess, without pictures, etc.

But, there are (were?) EOD tools that could have used .50 BMG rounds, and the fired cases would have ended up with larger case necks/mouths since the tools were not manufactured to have an accurate chamber measurements like in a rifle, MG, etc. Evidence of this use, for normal percussion primed rounds would include some damage to the primer NOT indicative of a normal firing pin strike, or a hole in the primer resulting from the path of electric wires in electric primed .50 cal rounds.

Just a thought,


Did it become “uncool” to post images together with id requests?


I’ve already asked him for photo(s), so far no response (if he does post a photo, I’ll cross post it here)


If he does not post a photo, it is no wonder. I am an IT guy and it took me an hour to figure out how to get some 12 ga pictures onto one of my posts.
But now I know how to do it, linking to pictures from a personal web site.