US 60 caliber with tinned projectile ID

I have a US 60 caliber round that looks like a regular T80 ball round, but with a tinned projectile. The electric-primed cartridge is headstamped * F A * 48. The projectile appears to be tin plated and has a gm jacket with magnetic core (you can see the gm jacket through some scratches on the side and tip). There are three knurled cannelures: one on the projectile’s base cup (crimping), one on the projectile about 7.5 mm ahead of the crimping cannelure, and one on the case neck.

Is this indeed a ball round (T80 or some other designation?), and what is the significance of the projectile plating?

The close-up photo represents the color of the projectile most accurately, at least on my monitor.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I have a similar one in my collection. The electric primer is BLACKENED and it has INERT stencilled on the case - a DUMMY. I should think yours is as well, see if you can see any remnants of a stencil marking on the case.

Aha! Mine is fairly tarnished, especially the head. The primer could indeed have been blackened which is now obscured by tarnish. I’ll check the case closely to see if there is any trace of case markings left.

Does yours have an inert filler to simulate powder?

Thanks very much for the info!

Yes, if you shake it there is something inside to simulate the powder. Sounds like it is reasonably fine, not a very course powder.