US 75mm HE Projectile with inscription from Bible

I have never seen anything like this before. I won’t be buying it at $135 postage, I am just curious as to what it is. The inscription on the driving band is interesting. I can see “…UP SWORD AGAINST NATION.NEITHER SHALL THEY EARN WAR…”. It appears to be factory stamped. I am awaiting a reply from the seller as to the full line of this text and the headstamp.


It's a US Navy 3"/50 steel case with a US 75mm Mk.I HE projectile engraved with a passage from the Bible, which says (roughly from memory) "they shall beat their swords into plowshares and learn the art of war no more".  These projectiles were stamped and sold just after WWI (about 1919). Both items are quite common. 


Thanks Jim, I got the information below from the seller today. No Idea why they called it a 25mm. Are the projectile and case from the same time period?

[i]We are not able to read the text but we did recieve some great info from a customer, that we would like to share with you.

As general info, your ‘‘25MM LEAD VICTORY SHELL’’ is actually a 75mm shell. It’s the remains of a ‘‘Victory Lamp’’, made from shells salvaged from the Morgan munitions plant explosion of Oct. 4, 1918. Part of the proceeds from sales of this lamp went to aid victims’ families.[/i]


Not even close. The case is steel (probably a MK 9) and would be from the 1950s, or newer. The projectile is WW I. And they are from two entirely different guns.


I thought they looked like they were from very different eras, especially the “ELECTRIC PRIMER” stamping on the steel case. I guess this is just a case of the often seen “this fits so they must belong together” with large calibre rounds.

And also a little bit of, “The average E-Bay buyer doesn’t know much and I can probably get someone to bid, and charge them $135 shipping.”