US Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, Dover, DE

This museum is at Dover AFB in Delaware. The active service base is dedicated to transporting military wares and ammunition, even though fighting planes land there too, either en route somewhere or practicing landings. The chain-link fence is what separates the museum from the restricted area. Here are ammo pertinent exhibitions. This base serves as a central US military mortuary, all casualties of all military branches are flown here. Live ammunition bunkers are visible from far away as entrances only, I can’t show the ammo inside to you :slight_smile:

You lucky guy, you get around a lot to museums and interesting places. Thanks for sharing pictures. Since I live in Norway, I don’t get the chance to visit so many nice museums, although I’ve been to this airport during an exchange with the US Home Guard in 94. I use to look at all your museum post, and I appreciate the good pictures you take there.