US Army 5.56mm and 7.62mm Lead Free Slug Developments

Yes, it is yet another briefing from the 2009 NDIA Small Arms Conference. This time we have a briefing from the Project Manager - Manuever Ammunition Systems (PM-MAS), the Product Manager - Small Caliber Ammunition, and the Product Manager - Medium Caliber Ammunition. Some of you may be aware that the US military’s “lead free” ammunition is switching from Tungsten/Nylon to Bismuth/Tin as its lead substitute. Besides detailing the development of the 7.62mm M80 LFS, and the 5.56mm M855 LFS and M856 LFS, there is discussion of Dummy, Drilled, & Inert (DDI) cartridges, and 40x46mm and 40x53mm Non-Dud Producing (NDP) round efforts.