US Army "model" ID's

I purchased a desk display that was a presentation piece as you can see the plaque
US Army…1960’s

What do you think these following two models depict?

Some type of rocket pod ??

Some type of “large” “booster” rocket ?

Ideas ?

Pepper, they look like scale models of rocket pods for use on helicopters and fighters, particularly the top one.


and one would presume an “Army” helicopter…but our of my expertise (not sure I have any)

I think they are cluster bomb dispensers. air gos in that little hole in the end and forces out the bombletts maybe?

here is a pic of abunch that look just like your white model. are from Vietnam war. second pic is on an F-100. see the red plug on the front end?

TrevorK, I think you are correct. I believe these are dispensers for CS gas canisters. We dropped a lot of it in Vietnam, particularly off of F-100s. I’ve never has any direct involvement with these dispensers so can’t offer any direct information. I did do a quick search and I think the white one is a SUU-7 and can be used for a variety of bomblets (BLUs) including a CS BLU.


One ID down…thanks

(makes sense as there was a Vietnam era Cluster Bomb BDU 28/B displayed in the “set” too…not that I am implying that is the bomblet for the dispenser pod)

Now for the big boy rocket…which I am 1000% clueless of its application

at least the pod lent some clues to its use & ID

PS…Googled the recipent (retiree) of the desk display…

Major General Floyd A. Hansen was born in Washington on October 22, 1908 and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1932.

His career was marked by numerous responsible and demanding assignments. He encountered the greatest professional challenge of his career during the initial stages of the Vietnam conflict while serving as Commanding General of the U.S. Army Munitions Command. In an economy with no emergency powers or assurances on the duration of the conflict in Vietnam, General Hansen personally worked with top leaders of industry and persuaded them to support the needs of the military services for ammunition.

During the buildup period, General Hansen’s weekly reviews of critical items on a worldwide basis and his skillful orchestration of all interacting factors resulted in successful mission accomplishment. His achievement is extraordinary from the standpoint that with only one-third of the plants which existed during the World War II period, ammunition production during the Southeast Asian conflict period exceeded the ammunition production of World War II. After the Vietnam era, he developed the concepts to unify and improve conventional ammunition logistics.

He envisioned a modern, automated Army ammunition reporting system similar to the system which exists today. As a visionary leader and munitions manager, he made a remarkable impact on the Ordnance profession and on defense logistics. General Hansen retired in 1967 and died in Washington, D.C. on May 24, 1986.

pepper does that second item have any hooks on the side or anyone on the front of it? or is the container just smooth all around?

Igloo white dispenser?