US Army Transportation Museum, Ft.Eustis,VA

This museum is on the grounds of an active Army base … museum.htm. My car was searched and my twins ID were requested. MP’s looked everywhere, under the hood and in the back. Never had that happening. Anyhow, this is a very well executed exhibition, even though the subject of just transporting men and materiel may not be terribly exciting. No fighting vehicles here, only delivery of things. I hoped to find vehicles laden with ammo. Alas, no such thing. There is a central museum building and 2 outdoor vehicle areas, one for railroad, another for planes and boats. I highly recommend this to anyone interested (or nostalgic) in Korean and Nam Wars, very nice models and dioramas. Here are a couple of shots.

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. I guess you must have visited every military museum soon, hehehe.