US Army XM25

perhaps of interest?

thanks Pete…I had not seen this. I want to write an article about the history and development but since it is a work in progress (the weapon)(at least the shoulder fired version); some of the information is closely held. One of my last SLICS displays was focused on the “No Where to Hide” weapon(s). It is fascinating technology but is has “issues”.

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One of the things which puzzle me about the XM25 is that it is supposed to have an effective range of several hundred metres, and to be effective the user needs to put that grenade in a quite precise location above the target. But the gun doesn’t come with a bipod…surely they don’t expect such accurate shooting off the shoulder?


I suspect the accuracy/burst radius issue is why they have kept rolling back the claimed effective range for the weapon. The earliest OICW propaganda claimed that that it would be effective out to a kilometer.

No question you still had to aim and be a marksman. As I understand it, the technology affords you the calculated airburst distance and the projo’s calculated fall in that distance…it does nothing “smart” as far as “lefts & rights” and windage, etc. It sure isn’t real aerodynamic (to me). The tripod version has been “dead” for years…used to be the OCSW, then ACSW (General Dynamics entry in to the game). Other than the size/recoil of the ammo, the big difference was the fuze technology. One was a “turns” count, the other was a “timing” type, or combination of both. I have much better info on the GD product and to a lesser degree the current ATK product (OICW)(had great info on the early 20 mm OICW getting to know some of the development folks. Of course the early OICW had the 5.56 component and the big tripod squad weapon (XM 307) had the .50 cal barrel conversion capability. oh well…I can ramble on a bitL but we need to organize what we know into a good time line.