US Black Tip 303

greetings folks, This round has the headstamp W.R.A. 1941 .303 it has a nickel jacket bullet with a 10mm Black/Purpleish Tip , domed brass primer with 4 crimps and a Black/Purpleish seal, who made it is easy, but, exactly what is it, my guess is an AP for England , is this correct ? thanks Randy

I have no idea what this is but I would be so bold as to say that I do not think this was intended for Britain. Our armour piercing ammo at that time was generally marked with a green primer annulus and the tip was left uncoloured. If a coloured tip was used, as with the US-made for GB .300" Red Label Synchronised Guns series, the colour used for AP was again green.
The only black-tipped .303 in British use at that time was the rare Observing O Mk 1.

In theory you are right. Coloured bullet tips are documented for US .303 inch contract ammo for Britain and the AP code was black. However, there is no record of any contracts being placed for special .303 loadings and no examples are known (or at least that I know of).

As Jim says, there are Remington AP contracts for .300 (.30-06) and 50 Br, but these had a green tip for AP.

I would be very interested to know if your round has an AP bullet.

Just to add a little to Jim’s remark about the .303 black tip observation bullet. There is also an experimental .303 API with a black tip made by Kynoch in 1941.


As to the question is it an AP bullet, the only thing I can tell you at this stage is that it is magnetic all the way, tip to base. Randy

Shake the bullet and see if you can hear a faint rattle near the tip. If so, someone has reloaded a 7.65 Argentine Mauser HE-Obs. bullet into your .303 case. Both are the same diameter.

Hi Jon, thanks for your reply, I thought you may have been on to something there for a while, unfortunately no rattle, Randy

No, that’s good.

Here are 3 rounds that, I