US C Co Box question

was wondering what time frame USCCo used 2 piece boxes (pistol and rifle) with orange background and a dark blue oval with white lettering and a drawing of the cartridge contained. I have several in various calibers but just curious about timeframe. thanks

Which address is on these boxes? NY or Mass

dont know will check

Hi John & Pete,
My only US pistol box.

Not much readable on the bottom…

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I don’t know the codes or how to read them but I believe, & I may be wrong, Winchester / Olin took USCCo over in the late 1930’s. So Lowell before & NY after. Not much help perhaps but a start?

Winchester acquired the physical assets of USCCO in Sept 1926. WRA entered an agreement to produce ammunition FOR U.S.C.Co., who then sold it under their own name and through it’s own distribution channels. (Ref: Winchester. The Gun that Won the West by Harold F. Williamson.)

After Winchester took over production, they used the Winchester punch code on USCCO boxes and apparently continued to use the old boxes with the Mass address for some years, at least 1929 on 9mmP.

There are a set of codes which were reportedly used during the transition, but I have never seen them on a box. The pre-transiton boxes like yours typically have a combination of letters and numbers at the corners of a box like the right side of your box. Most boxes have other letters or numbers stamped apparently randomly on the base of the box. As far as I know, nobody has figured out any part of this pre-1926 code. If you have any ideas on it, let me know.

The short answer is that your box is early 1926 or earlier.


PS: Has anyone ever seen a 9mm Luger USCCo box with a New York address??? I have looked pretty hard and have never documented one.

box I was looking at was lowell marked.