US Caliber .45 T30 Tracer

So I picked up a box of US Caliber .45 T30 Tracer from the Ormsbee collection, as I posted in another thread. I cannot find much info anywhere on them…

From the T number, I guess it was still experimental at this time. It has a blank .45 20 round box wrapped in a paper/foil wrapper that has the nomenclature on it. They are steel cases, FA 1945 headstamp…the bullets are red tipped, and have a strange cross or “+” shaped incision on the tip, you can see it in this shot…

Whats the background on these, when did they transition to an “M” number? Was this a good find? (Well, since I don’t have a box of it in my collection, I guess for me its a good find!)


I can only recommend H,W,S volume II.
There is some good info about this cartridge. Besides experimental lots, FA also produced
lots FA S-1 through S-30 of which your box seems to be part of.
The T number never went onto a M number. After T-30 came T-73 and T-92

nice box anyway.

PZJGR–If it has not already occurred, you can expect all the cases and bullets to crack at the neck. Almost all of the .45 ACP Tracers I have seen are cracked due to the adsorbing of moisture by the tracer compound. Short of pulling the bullet and removing the tracer compound, I know of no way to prevent this damage.

Hey Ron, I just checked the rounds, and knock on wood, right now all 15 (there are 5 missing…) look good, no splits…If I see them starting, I guess I will have to pull them…

PZJGR–By the time you see a crack developing in the case the damage has already been done to the bullet. It is only a matter of time. I have about 6 different variations, including an early Green Trace round, all of which were in perfect condition when purchased 30 years ago, and all have cracked the bullets & case. I am not talking about the normal hairline crack you see on rifle case necks, but BIG cracks half the length of the case and as much as 1/16 inch wide.