Us cartridge co cal. 45


I’m hoping that someone can help me identify the year of manufacture and estimated value of a box of cartridges I have. I only collect as a amateur hobbyist.
I have a full box (20 rounds) of 45 acp cartridges made by the US Cartridge Co.
The writing on the brown box is as follows;

[color=darkred]20 PISTOL BALL CARTRIDGES, Cal 45
Model of 1911
For AUTOMATIC PISTOL, Cal 45, Model of 1911
Smokeless Powder Muzzle Velocity 800 ±25 feet per second
Dupont Powder Lot No.[/color]
[color=darkred]Manufactured by the United States Cartridge Company, Lowell, Mass.
Class 47, Division 1, Drawing 5[/color]

To the right of the velocity and power lot number are two empty boxes.

The bottom of the box is stamped;

[color=darkred]LOT 6 19
SEP 6 [/color]

The headstamp is USCCo. (12 o


They were made in 1918. Value of the individual rounds would be 50 cents to $1.00 each. Perhaps the full box would bring a slight premium.