US Civil War ammo


I went to a garage sale, got all these in one box. It is so darn hot and humid here, I am burnt and can’t think. Anyone wants to take a shot at IDing these?


.56-56 Spencer & .44 Henry Flat? Dimensions would help.


The big ones are about 14mm at neck and 42mm overall, and little ones are 11mm at neck and 34mm overall, so you are right. Any idea who made the last one? All of them were sitting under extreme sun when I got to the garage sale and were so hot I had problems holding them in my hand.


Un-headstamped rimfires can be difficult to ID especially if you don’t have them in hand for close examination. I would guess the last Henry was manufactured by the New Haven Arms Co (later to be come Winchester). This would make it a Civil War era cartridge. The other two Henrys are probably post Civil War. The 56/56 Spencers look like Civil War “Navy and Infantry” type loads.