1. From which year is this poster?
  2. has somebody a good scan of this poster (at least the part giving info on the shotshells)?
    Thank you in advance.


The last testimonial at the bottom of the poster is dated December 20, 1881, so I would be inclined to think the poster dates from 1882. I would be happy to e-mail you a photo of the shotshell section, which you should be able to enlarge to see the details you want.


thank you very much.
I would appreciate the picture of the brass shell info (brass and paper).
The flash of the camera and the fact there was a glass window in front of the poster gave terrible picture.
thanks again


Just a caution . . . and I could be entirely wrong, but Jim Tillinghast had several such broadsheets re-printed circa 1975 which I still have somewhere. These were a beautifully done bit of work, but they ARE reproductions. I don’t recall if this is one of the ones he offered, but the photo makes it look a bit too pristine to be an original. Again, I could be wrong.



You are correct - the one I’m looking at came from Dixie Gun Works in the 1970s. However, as I understand, it is a copy of an original. I think Jean-Pierre’s interest is more in the content of the shotshell section rather than its provenance.


Hi !
You are right. This poster is a reprint.
The guy who has it bought it in England .
But it is intersesting for the info anyway.