US Gun Magazine

I have found a shop here in the UK that has the US Gun Magazine volumes 1967 - 1973. I have never read one of these magazine so I have no idea of the ammunion related content they may have. What I don’t want to do is buy them and then find that ammunition was only mentioned every few months.

Can anyone give me a rough idea on whats in the magazines.

Cost is

Is that the name of the magazine, “US Gun Magazine”? A bit before my time, gun-wise, but I’ve never heard of it.

Sorry, it’s “Gun Magazine” a US published mag.

Hey Walter

I happen to have “Guns Magazine” years 1955-1966, hard bound, per year. As for content, thumbing through a few of them, there is a “Cartridges Quips Quotes and Queries” in each issue. As well, a number of the gun articles covered the ammo in depth. By far the most interesting thing are the ads. 8 MM Jap Nambu - $19.95, Ithaca or Remington 1911 - $29.95, Three helmets US GI, German and British - all for only $25!!! Some great stuff of a great era (Pre-GCA). PM me if you’d like pics or more info.


Thanks Rick, I think I’ll buy them they are hard bound as well.