US House of Representatives proposing to Close DTIC

I know a number of Forum members use DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center) because I see references regularly. I know i have downloaded quite a bit of interesting information over the years.

HASC Chairman Rep Max Thronberry (R-TX) has introduced language to close DTIC in the FY2019 Defense Budget. If you have information you want from DTIC, it is best to download it in the next few months.


Rep Thronberry should have a good look at the reasons why ASTIA (original name of DTIC) was established in the first place.

The Thornberry is also looking at disestablishing other DOD activities that are a lot more critical than DTIC. The administration has directed that $11B be taken out of the “Fat” in DOD and Thornberry has his definitions of Fat.


What a shame! Instead of making knowledge more accessible it is being withdrawn…

Can you post the link?