US introduction of non-corrosive primers & Lot/Year listing

I have been trying to sort out my storeroom and get rid of stuff that I no longer want. If it has any possible interest to collectors, I am listing it in B/S/T and there is or soon will be some interesting stuff there.

When going through some material from the estate of an Ordnance Corp Colonel who had a long term relationship with both Frankford Arsenal and the Agency I ran across a typed list (dated 1959) in one of his folders that listed the first year for use of non-corrosive primers for the US arsenals as well as Remington, Western, Winchester, Verdun and Dominion. This list is by caliber up to .50 M33 ball

Even better, subsequent pages list, by caliber the lot numbers years so boxes can be dated from their lot number. The dates for most calibers are 1951-1957 but Verdun and Dominian are 1945 and FA Carbine is 1942-1944.

I have scanned this info into a pdf file which is attached-I hope!


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