US issue Brass cased 12ga?

This is being advertised on another forum as WW2 vintage USGI issue 12 ga. Is it that old?

At $15 per shell… it would be nice to be sure.


To help get you started - the M19 designation was assigned in March 1945 so the shells would likely post-date that. Remington Arms Co. was assigned lot numbers 5000 to 5999 for contract manufacture of 12 Ga “OO” Buckshot ammunition. Lot #5908 would seem to indicate late production.

This info is from HWS II. They make no mention of 10 round boxes but it’s obvious that Remington made them.

HWS II only covers the period thru 1945.

I hope this helps but it really takes an opinion from someone who collects shotshells and there aren’t too many of those guys on the Forum, unfortunately.

Good Luck


I see these shells around once in a while but i have never seen full boxes. Where are they listed? I’d like to have a box or two to go with my “97” Riot gun.

Doug D

I just saw your last line,$15 per shell??? Maybe $5. I don’t think i need any of these to go with my gun. Two boxes are more than the gun is worth.

Doug D

These are indeed WWII vintage. Since the war technically ended with the surrender signing by Japan in September, 1945 I’d say this came out of the factory by then but even if it was later, it would still be WWII vintage. The packaging also dates to that time. I have several boxes of shotgun shells in similar 10 rd boxes. I knew a veteran of Iwo Jima who carried a shotgun there and he often bragged about the preference for brass shells over paper, due to the climate and conditions. He had some choice words for the supply people who even let paper shells cross the International Dateline!

A LOT of ammunition was made for WWII and afterward it began to flow into the civilian market as surplus. But even though it is fairly rare today, I don’t think $15 per shell could be called fair. Besides, they are better as box units.

Thanks for the replies and info…