US Lee Navy 6mm stripper clip

My first 6mm USN stripper clip.

Vlad, If that’s for the Lee Navy, it is, in fact, a clip which is an integral part of the feeding mechanism, kinda like the Garand en-bloc clip. It is not a charger (stripper clip), and worth a LOT to a person who has a Lee Navy, since it is VERY hard to operate the weapon without one. Nice piece. Cheers, Bruce.

That is what it is. I saw one at SLICS priced at $150 with five rounds of live ammo.

Be aware that these clips have been reproduced for reenactors or shooters, but I dont think they were marked with the patent info, and overall quality is not nearly as good.

Nice find!

Yes, that is the same Lee as in the Remington Lee and later British Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield rifle fame. Also an oddball single shot rifle with a sort of Martini type falling block but activated by smacking the back of the exposed hammer. Quite a talented and versatile inventor.

Bruce, the way I see it this is not a clip and not an integral part of the feeding mechanism, but a charger in the full sense of the word because it is only needed to load the rifle. When the cartridge-locker is disengaged from the cartridges -these are supported in proper positions upon the follower- the clip is being released from the cartridges and is free to drop out of the magazine.

Interesting semantics. I actually have never heard a clip that is used to hold cartridges UNTIL they are pushed out into the magazine and a clip that holds cartridges but is inserted into the rifle (or pistol) with the cartridges, differentiated from each other, and have always regarded both as clips or chargers.

What I always learned is that if charges a magazine or goes into a rifle with the cartridges but does NOT have its own follower and spring, than it is a clip or charger; if it holds cartridges together and goes into the weapon with the ammo, but DOES have its own follower and spring, than it is a magazine.

I suppose in the most technical language each item is held to an even closer definition, but that is how I always have heard it.

The M1895 USN Lee can be loaded easily and works fine without the clip.

It’s just as well that the Lee Navy can be loaded singly, because if you let the clip fall through the opening in the bottom of the magazine box you’ll likely lose the little wire thingy as it and the clip body separate as they fall into the tall grass. Jack

Yes, I agree that you can shoot the weapon single fire, but without the clip, that’s all you have is an expensive single shot. BTW, for those of you that were enlisted Jarheads, the rifle that the Good Conduct Medal is suspended from is the M1895 Lee Navy. Cheers, Bruce.

The Lee Navy works as a magazine rifle without the clip.
"use ammunition without clips. The magazine may then be charged with single cartridges"The US Navy Rifle Calibre 6 Millimetres Model 1895 Alger and Twining USN
This is the USN manual on the Lee
It is how I load my Lee.

Thank you, orange. I was mislead by an owner who knows firearms but doesn’t know this particular one. Knowing what manual will now help give greater satisfaction in his shooting. Please pardon my ignorance on the subject. Cheers, Bruce.

Those original clips can be very fragile when closing or locking the rounds / cases into the clip as the wire will break, & then you have three separate pieces, with not much hope of replacing the wire with an original piece.

There are several versions of this clip; tinned brass & lacquered steel, plus marked or not marked.