US M1903 Clip Maker

I recently examined some US M1903 clips steel spring and body stamped T within a circle on the back. What was the manufacturer?
Is there a website on clips and chargers?

I’ve been collecting only clips and chargers for the past 12 years. Shortly after I began I thought to start a website on the subject as there’s very little information available on the things and what little exists is well scattered. I got as far as registering a “domain name”, which I still have, before the magnitude of the subject … and the other callings of life, overwhelmed me. I have over 1,800 clips, all different and know of roughly 300 others that I’m still looking for, so the problem is “where do you start and where do you finish”. An over-view of types would answer some questions but not one like yours, whilst to include everything would be well neigh impossible.

In the meantime, here’s the clip you mention.

I’ve only seen these with a broken circle, did yours have a complete one ?

Edit; I have a note that these clips have been found in bandoliers containing cartridges marked “DEN 43” and “U 43”. As always, these might be original to the packing, or not.

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Enfield, on reexamination the mark is as you hvve shown, T with incomplete circle.


These clips were made by J. L. Clark Manufacturing Company, a tin box and can manufacturer located in Rockford, Illinois. Their trademark must be read with the “C” for “Clark” pointing right, because the inverted “T” represents a ligated “JL”, where “J” stands for “John” (pointing left) and an “L” stand for “Lewis” (pointing right).

As mentioned by Peter, these are found packed in WW2 bandoleers with M2 Ball cartridges headstaped DEN 43, U 43, and also L C 43. I’m sure there must be other examples.

You can find more information about WW2 Springfield clips manufacturers in the last post of this thread: US Made 7.92 mm Clips in M6 Cans, 1944. I couldn’t find a Clark contract for steel clips, but I’ll check again.



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Thank you.

I found the contract indicating steel clips.

Thank you Fede, I had never saw a M1903 clip with makers mark til I bought a bag full, half were marked.

Just noted the same logo and maker on this 22 Long Rifle 1997 Remington Racecar Tin:

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