US Made rounds - Letters stamped on lead bullets

I have four rounds, all with strange stamping on their lead bullets. They are:

.32 Extra Long: REM-UMC 32 Ex L “32 XLB” stamped in bullet.

.38 Extra Long: W.R.A.Co. 38 Ex. L. “38 XLB” stamped in bullet.

.44-77 Remington: No H/S, “44 - 77 R” stamped in bullet

All these stampings look to be done in the same letter size and style. Are they original or something that has been added later?

Thanks in advance for any info.

It is possible your cartridges are from a factory display. I vaguely recall Buttweiler selling some of these in various calibers in the past.

If they were from a factory dispaly, would they have been loaded? The insides of the cases show corrosion as if there has been black powder in there in the past.

Here are some Photos:

.32 Extra Long:

.38 Extra Long:

.44-77 Remington:

Number and letter die sets are pretty easy to get, so anyone could have marked these. Since they were originally loaded, that pretty much rules out that they were taken from factory displays.

The letters look unevenly positioned, which makes it look they were done with hand dies. Why they were done, I guess I’ll never know.