US made Stainless Steel 9x19mm cases & perhaps other caliber

A couple of days ago I was talking to a guy who runs a loading business and loads some of the more interesting 9x19mm on the market. He mentioned that recently he got a call from a guy who claims to be making stainless steel cases in 9x19mm The guy offered to send him some samples. He couldn’t remember either the guys name or location.

Does anyone out there know of a company or individual who is trying to manufacture stainless steel cases?

I will call in a couple of weeks to see if the sample cases arrived.

As an aside, the guy also gave me an unheadstamped 9x19mm brass case that was sent to him by a company in Georgia. I tried to chase it down, but none of the obvious suspects I know in Georgia (Atlanta Arms, American Ballistics, Georgia Arms/Master Cartridge) make their own cases.

Do any of you have any ideas who this case manufacturer may be???