US Manufactuer "F.S.C."


I have a 1.1" US Navy AA gun case with the maker’s mark “F.S.C.”. Does anyone know what company used these initials?

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US manufacturer symbol FSC stands for “Fucton Sylphon Co.”

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Thanks Rob, do you know where the company was located?


From: Heritage Research Center Web Site
WWll Industrial Facilities: Authorized Federally Funded Facilities
Fucton Sylphon Co.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Cartridge Cases & Fuzes


Thanks Frank.

  • @ Falcon: I would like to mention that the mark “FSC” can be also found on some 20mm Oerlikon ‘S’ Mk2 brass shell cases (20X110RB) manufactured in USA in 1942-43 by “Florence Stove Co.”, Kankakee, Illinois. Liviu 10/18/09


Did Florence Stove Co. only produce the cases in 1942 and 43?

My 1.1" case was made in 1941. If they only produced cases in those 2 years, this would rule out any possible confusion.



“Fucton Sylphon Co.” (FSC) produce in the period 1941-1944 a large number of 3" 50Cal. brass cartridge cases for the US Navy.

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