US Match question

What’s the point of switching from “Match” to “NM” and back?

I believe they are two very slightly different “grades” if that is the right word. & also for different ‘games’. International match is another.

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While other than .45, I don’t collect the U.S. Military cartridges marked “MATCH” or “NM”, so haven’t much knowledge about them other than from a shooter’s perspective. I do have the .45 “RA 65 NM” and the 7.62 NATO “LC 67 NM” in chromed dummies, which were souvenir handouts at Camp Perry National Matches. There are also dummies of the .30-06 NM, but I don’t have one. I have not seen any of these dummies with simply the “MATCH” headstamp (that is NOT a claim they don’t exist - I simply have never seen one so marked).

I must wonder if the “NM” headstamp doesn’t primarily indicate intended issue at National Matches, as opposed to international or regional matches, so as those that were held at Camp Perry? There could be ballistic differences in them as well, but that could also apply to MATCH ammunition made simply for general competition issue - in short, perceived improvements as time went on. It could, or could not, have any bearing on whether or not they have an “NM” or “MATCH” designation on the headstamp. Again, I simply don’t know.

John Moss

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