US military 30.06 Cutaways

A small collection of US military 30.06 for an IAA member, Enjoy wolfgang
First pic, top to bottom:
M1906 Dummy FA/4 steel case
M1906 Guard FA/5/17
M1906 Ball USC.CO/18
M2 Ball Den/42
M1909 Blank LC/54
M3 Grenade LC/54

Next two pics:
M1 Tracer red tip FA/38
M25 Dim/Dark Tracer orange tip TW/53
M1 Incendiary blue tip EW/42
M14 API silver tip FA/53
M2 AP black tip TW/53
Palma Match FA/PM/33

Excellent work, and selection! Thanks!

These are beautiful! Great sectioning job. It is amazing how complex the projectiles are. Thank you!




How did you section the Incendiary and API. VERY carefully I’ll bet.



Nice job Wolfgang !!
One question: it looks like the primers are struck.
Did you use fired cases or did you put used primers in an unfired case ?