US Military Designations

Does anyone know of an online listing of all US Military designations for the Experimental XM and T series??


Ray–Try this site for a partual list. … nance.html

Thanks Ron. There are a few more there than what COTW has. How do you guys find sites like this?


Creative Googling!!! You just need to know how to ask the question.

Ray - here are some that were not on that list as far as I could tell. forgive me if they are there and I just didn’t see them: (they are all from box labels)

Ball, 9m/m M1
Ball, NATO, 9m/m. XM882 (standardized as M882)
Frangible, 9m/m, AA16 MK 254 Model O
Test High Pressure, 9m/m, M905
Dummy, 9m/m, M917
Ball, Flat Nose, PGU-19/P (from Air Force-held Pistol trials at Eglin AFB, Florida).

I have only one of these with the XM number, XM882, but it is likely all of the modern ones carried an XM number, however briefly, before they were standerdized.

Hope this is of some interest and assistance.

Thanks John, every little bit helps.

It’s interesting that all are 9mm. Do you have an interest in them? :) :)


O.K. Ray, I’ll broaden my horizons - here are a couple of .45 A.C.P. designations I couldn’t see on the list, both from boxes in my collection:

XM261 - Caliber .45 Hi-Density Shot (AAI Corporation)
XM668 - Caliber .45 Lead Shot (Ensure Munition)

Thanks some more John. It seems that there are a lot of missing XM numbers on all the lists I have seen. Don’t know why.

Be careful John. I hear that collecting 45ACP is more work than collecting 9mm.