US Military fuzes


Can someone school me on fuzes?

Here is what I know / have so far:

I have, in my collection, an M-78 CP, M-577 MT SQ, M-524 PD, and M532 VT fuzes. I also have two different styles of “lifting rings” and one “shipping plug”. I understand these are for larger artillery projectiles (generally).

I have a 60mm mortar round with an M-775 and an 81mm mortar with an M-84 fuze. I think I understand these.

I have a 5"/38 AA Com projectile that will require an adapter ring before I can install a large artillery projectile fuze in it. Adapter rings are VERY difficult to locate. Correct?

It seems the large artillery projectiles and the mortars take different sized (threads) fuzes.

I have a 57mm Recoiless Rifle projectile that has different sized threads than either the mortars or the large artillery rounds.

I also have a dummy fuze and parts of what I believe is an M-48 fuze. It seems these will screw into the 57mm RR projectile, but the “profile” of the fuze is odd relative to the actual projectile (too big). What do these fit? I mean the threads on these two fuzes.

Is there a “chart” for fuzes compared to projectiles?

Are there other “adapter rings” other than the 5"/38 AA Com?

Other than the obvious weight differences, would it be easier to just collect ammunition under .50 caliber? :>)

Thanks for the help.


You may check on this manual:±+Tech … 003_13353/


The U.S. Navy OP 1664 (U.S. Explosive Ordnance) dated 1947 with changes to 1969 lists the fuzes with each of the Navy projectile types, and has about 37 pages on the nose, base and aux det fuzes used, with thread sizes shown.

It may be available somewhere on line, but is among many manuals I have compiled on a CD in .pdf format. Contact me for more info on these.


EOD, many thanks. I had that TM as one of my favorites, but it stopped working someone provided a link and it now is on my hard drive.

JohnS, yes, I am interested in your CD. I will send you an email.


GUNNUT, The below link will give you the Op1664 and others. For the 1664, go to ORDNANCE, GUNNERY AND FIRE CONTROL and scroll down to 1664. It has others you might be interested in. Cheers, Bruce.