US Military single-digit headstamps

Most everyone is familiar with the US Military headstamps with “4”, “5”, and “6” for the years '44, '55, and '66. Anyone know of any others? Unless I’m missing something, the only other logical digits would be “7”, “8”, and “9”, (without getting into the 21st Century).


Ray-I have never seen any single digit headstamps like 4, 5 & 6 for 7, 8 or 9. Actually I doubt they exist, at least on U.S. made ammo. The closing of F.A. is probably one reason, but I think perhaps the main reason is the emergence of EDM for making bunters. Using EDM a bunter can be made for a small fraction of the cost of the older engraving method. In fact, I would guess a EDM bunter can be made for about, or less, than the cost of grinding off the extra digit from older bunters. All of this is just speculation, but this is my 2-cents worth on the subject.

I know its not US military but now that Ray has raised this topic I’d like to ask about a Russian 7.62 x 54mm Type L round that I have headstamped ‘T’ (for Tula) at 12 o’clock and a single ‘4’ at 6 o’clock. I’m assuming this is a date code but for what year? They also exist with a ‘3’ instead of a ‘4’.

Ron, what is EDM, and when did it come into use?

Johnny–EDM is Electric Discharge Machining. Here is a link that explains the process. … _machining

Scroll down to the section on History. In general the process started to be widely used about 1969. EDM can make a headstamp bunter in just 2-3 minutes, compared to hours by a skilled machinist.