US National & International Match boxes

Why is there such a profound difference in quality of the label print? Surely you agree that 1956 looks cheap. And why is the word “guide” in reverse?

1st question. I think the red or other colour bands were no longer required. Perhaps due to the cost of printing, or those in power felt the reason for them in te 1st place was no longer valid?

2nd printers need what is called “chop marks” which are usually in the shape of a “+”. to line up or get in register when printing with different colors or press stages so thre 2nd (or more) run is precise. So my guess is that this label was somehow involved in the press set-up & some how got on a box. Again just a guess. Hopefully someone who knows will educate us .

Thanks for the info. Would you personally open these sealed boxes to check if rounds inside are corroded and maybe to salvage them?

No I wouldn’t open them. The boxes look nice & clean on the outside, The rounds themselves are not uncommon, so no need to salvage until your sure they are going bad? My 2¢.