US Naval Museum of Armament & Technology, China Lake, CA

This relatively small museum is inside an active Naval base, so to get inside you go through the usual daily pass requirements. It is in the middle of Mojave Desert, in the middle of nowhere, you must cross Mojave to get there, because of this very few of us will ever visit this place. So I took a lot of photos, missiles are very close to each other, makes it difficult to photograph. But it is a heaven for missile lovers. Just check it out.

Thank you for showing these!
Finally a museum that is showing proper aircraft armament. Wish I could do a photo tour there.

Great- I never even heard of it! (Although I had been to China Lake, but I think they were still testing muzzle loading guns then…)

Awesome, can you post the images you took there back then? :)

Nicely done! I didn’t know it was there either and it sure looks like a LOT of good stuff is there. Didn’t see any of the V-1 type stuff there, like the Regulus (I&II) or Loon.

AMAZING photos of an amazing museum! WOW! Totally awesome! Thank you for posting these.