US Navy ammunition container

What was inside of it originally?


It was loaded with 12 units of Arming Devices Mk 2 Mod. 0 and Mk 36 Mod. 0.

We used the MK 2 in one of the torpedoes that I worked with, the MK 37. While I never had to disassemble an Exploder Mechanism, I did have to learn about it. The MK 2 was a cup-like device containing a small amount of RDX Composition that fastened to the bottom of the MK 19 Exploder and this gave you a ready exploder which was then placed in a warhead and screwed down. The booster was already in place in the warhead. The MK 2 was about the size of a Vienna sausage can and came in it’s own little can which would have been stored inside a foam liner in the can pictured. I know they were also used (the MK19 with the MK 2) in the MK 44 ASW torpedo used by air and surface forces too. When the MK 48 torpedo replaced the MK 37 it came with a MK 21 Exploder and different arming device, which worked about the same way but had PETN as a explosive charge.

I love torpedoes! Great information! Does anyone have and photos of these exploders?


Jason, I have looked far and wide for a good photo of the MK 19 without success but I’m still on the hunt.
Here’s a drawing of the MK 2 Arming Device, which would attach to the MK 19 and would have been packaged in the container that started this thread. The coupler (shown) would have indicated SAFE or ARMED (as I recall) and could not be attached to the exploder except in the SAFE position, due to the alignment pin and contact leads. There is a plate in there that blocked the path for the RDX compounds flash until the exploder had armed the Arming Device. This drawing came from a test procedure document. They wanted to make sure these things were safe under somewhat extreme conditions. I always felt comfortable with that mind set.

WOW! I can not thank you enough for this. I have not seen a lot of information on the MK12 and have never seen a photo. Really appreciate it big time.