US Navy heavy 1 pounder working model projectile

At first it looks like a regular 37x137mmR projectile until the bottom comes off. The seller said it was a working model to show people how a firing pin inside worked. When fully assembled, the firing pin moves around upon shaking. Any more info on this piece? I am trying to show dis-assembly in this series of pictures.

Money makes people talk too much it seems. It looks like a regular Hotchkiss style projectile.


That looks like a typical base fuze with all the parts intact. That’s what a working model would be, more or less.

What are the markings on the rotating band? That doesn’t look like a USN 1 Pdr, but I could be (probably am) wrong.


It says: manufactured by winchester rep arms co, new haven, conn, usa; hotchkiss patents november 4 october february 12 83, difficult to read.