US New Rapid shotgun shell

The NEW RAPID shell was first produced by the United States Cartridge Company in the late 1890s. The recessed (or grooved) head version came along around 1900 and was produced until 1910 when the NEW RADID shell was replaced by the AJAX. While the standard black New Rapid shells are pretty scarce, the tan variation on the right in this picture is quite rare.

It strikes me as odd that USCCo would have produced a tan shell when ‘The Black Shells’ were the focus of their advertising.

Sorry to ask you but what are the lenghts of these cases?


Both are new primed empties. The overall length of the black shell is 3.005", the tan is 2.763". The bases are .966" high for the black and .970" for the tan. The primers for both are .170" made of copper. The black shell was found ten years ago in an unlabeled 2 piece box of 25, probably intended for loading and labeling by another company.