US OLIN 90MM APFSDS MECAR Collaboration - Sectioned

About two years ago I was super fortunate to find this beautiful 90MM APFSDS long-rod projectile made by OLIN. I was informed that this was an early collaboration with MECAR for their Cockerill Gun System. I was also lucky to find a MECAR 90MM Cockerill case for it which is a lot different from the US M19 90MM case. Anyhow, I just sectioned the case and figured that I would post some pictures.


Are you sure that is a Cockerill case? It looks far too long. What is the case length measurement?

Falcon, I should have been more specific, sorry. From what I was told, it was from the Cockerill 90MM KEnerga gun system. This system seems to use a longer 90MM case with a shoulder/neck.

PS: I do not think this particular projectile was adapted?

Falcon, there were 3 different cases (at least). The one Jason has is along this line:

Thanks! I just copied that brochure page. The case is actually stenciled MK8 :-)


What would this have been used in?


I thought I would probably be proved wrong here, but I was only aware of the 90 x 353R case.

Steve, I always thought it went to a tank gun but am not really sure?


I decided to section the projectile to show its design better :-) I really like the cutaways.