Us ordnance department

Eye candy.

Awesome RAY! :-)


Great insignia Ray! I have a very small version in plastic on a magnet, with “Aberdeen Proving Ground” printed below the insignia, stuck on my gun safe door. I love that one, and your’s makes it go hide in a corner.

Thanks for posting it and sharing the enjoyment of it with us. As our dear young friend Jason would say, cool!!!

No doubt, John, it really is cool! :-)



It’s 6 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. I made it a long time ago when I collected martial arms. I took a woodworking class at the local community college and made it out of hardwood for my class project. Its comprised of about 10 pieces. It hangs on the wall in my play room and I was looking at it and thinking, maybe the guys would like to see it.

I got an “A” in the class, BTW.


Yeah, no kidding you got an “A” on that one Ray! I thought it was an official insignia, thinking how in the heck did you get THAT one! Very nice, thanks for sharing it.

I did not realize you made that Ray! WOW you have skills!~ It totally looks like the government paid big bucks to have factory make it. Really nice (PROFESSIONAL) job! Now it is even cooler!



You get an ‘‘A’’ here as well.

How did you cut the letters out? By hand with a chisel?

Gee whiz. You want me to give away all of my secrets? You wouldn’t expect Burger King to tell you the ingredients in their dipping sauce would you?

I’d like to say that I carved each one with a chisel, but I’d be lying. They are store bought letters that are glued in place. I looked at an original plaque at the Ordnance Department offices in Washington DC and searched until I found pre-cut letters of the same style. It wasn’t easy finding them.

I was going to have the individual pieces cast in bronze and then soldered together but I kept putting it off and now it’s too late.


Here’s another great Ordnance Department item from Pete deCoux.

Wow! What is that for? What era?


Not sure exactly what the padlock was for other than having an ammunition connection. Sorry no idea of it’s era either. It has a big “YALE” on the other side and is about 3 inches tall.