US SEAL UDT Museum. Ft.Pierce, FL

Meet Mika, the only live animal (I know) in a military museum. Mika is a miiltary dog. Very soft too.


Thanks so much for sharing these amazing photos. I have always wanted to visit this museum. I have 2 friends that are retired, SEAL. Standing next to them when they visit, I barely feel like a man. Tuff, Brave, Bad Ass HEROES! Serious Courage. Can’t give the, Men & Women who serve our Country enough respect and gratitude. From office clerk to, Navy SEAL, they are all amazing!



Looks like a great museum. I just hate it when they (military museums) miss simple details like the belt in the MG-34 being in the wrong side. (Unless it is a rare right-hand feed piece).

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Jason - I feel the same way about our Service Men, especially being a Cold War Soldier myself who, unlike our combat veterans, never heard a shot fired in anger. However, don’t slight yourself. Your work with abandoned and injured animals puts you high up in the Hero class as far as I am concerned. I am aware of what you give up to give these creatures the care they need. I cannot over-state my admiration for the work you do. And remember, my friend, your first thread on this forum, about torpedoes, which you thought might not be accepted, was for years the most looked at and participated in thread on the Forum (maybe still is, I just don’t know).

John Moss

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