US Snider Ammo

At least three US ctg makers WRACo, USCCO, and UMC made Snider ammo usually calling it 58 Snider. Was any of this ammo headstamped?

All that I’m aware of in drawn case .577 is stamped “REM-UMC 57 S” as ball & two shot loadings stamped “REM-UMC 577S-1935” & “REM-UMC 577S-1939”.

In newer mfg. “TEN-X 577 SNIDER” & “577 SNIDER (with a) ‘rifle’ (at 6:00)” edited once to add plus “BELL 577 BASE N.E.”

In the Turkish Snider I have several I’m pretty sure are US, but all are unheadstamped. I’m sure this is what your likely seeing in your references.

hope this is of help?

Thank you for the info. There is a dispute about whether the trem “cadet” should be applied to the 1 5/8 case and it has been determined that DCCo never used this term. A proponent of this story now says it was another US manufacturer who used this term but I have saw WRA and UMC refer to this as 58 Snider or 58 Turkish not cadet.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve not seen or heard of the term “cadet” used with any Snider.
I would ask them to provide a reference where this term is found.

The "cader’ term appears to have originated on a forum a few years ago with one individual and has since been accepted as fact. I have been collecting Cdn arms and ammo for some time and this is the only source I have found. As for nailing down a source the users of this term say they saw it "somewhere sometime."
I call myth busted.
Thank you again.